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Open application

In case there are no available positions in your field at the moment, please send us an open application. You can describe the field and area of work you are interested in to work with in Componenta. Please note that the fields marked with * are oblicatory. Before sending your application you can preview it. When the application is finished, you can send it by choosing "Send"

Personal contact information

First name*Last name*
Date of birthGender
Street address*
Postal code*City*
Finland|Finland; Sweden|Sweden; Netherlands|Netherlands; Turkey|Turkey; UK|UK; France|France; Italy|Italy; Germany|Germany; Componenta Sales and Engineering in Turkey, Finland, The Netherlands or Germany|Componenta Sales and Engineering in Turkey, Finland, The Netherlands or Germany

Prefered area of work*

Prefered unit/location. Please select maximum of three locations.*

FinlandSwedenNetherlandsTurkeyOther countries

Which type of working hour arrangements fit your life situation

When can you start

Basic/profesional education

School/UniversityEducation levelDegreeYear of beginningYear of completitionMajor subject/ area of study

Further education or important courses

School/InstituteDegree/CertificateYear of beginningYear of completitionTopic

If you are still studying, when is the estimated graduation/how many study points do you have out of the complete degree

Estimated graduation year
Your study points
Study points needed for the complete degree

Language skills

Levels: 1=basics, 2=satisfactory, 3=good, 4=excellent, 5=native speaker

Other skills, i.e. IT skills

Levels: 1=basics, 2=satisfactory, 3=good, 4=excellent, 5=guru

Work experience

Present employer
EmployerPosition/job titleTasksStart  End  
Month: Year: Month: Year:
Former employers
EmployerPosition/job titleTasksStart  End  
1. Month: Year: Month: Year:

Additional information

Positions of trust
Why do you see yourself a potential candidate for the position and a Componenta team member?
Salary request
Here you can attach your CV
Here you can attach your picture

Field value format must be - "fieldname=<fieldName>&fieldtitle=<fieldTitle>&type=<type>&section=<sectionPrefix>"
fieldname - field name
fieldtitle - field title/alert
type - field type allowed values: txt - for text fields, dt - for date fields, num - for numeric fiedls, sel - for list fields
section - (optional) section/tab prefix which contains field
fieldname=fld_PUisFilled&fieldtitle=fld_PrefUnitT&type=chb&gotofieldname=fld_PrefUnitC1 - list of mandatory fields
Value of field "[fieldTitle]" must be filled! - alert message
Value of field "[fieldTitle]" must be selected! - alert message
Number of values in field "Preferred unit/location" may not exceed three! - alert message
---values to be shown in report views -------------------------------------------------------------------
- latest of former employers
- latest task
- basic edu/degree
- english skills

Thank you for applying at Componenta!